How General Practices join the Partner Network

What is Involved

If you agree to participate, the following will happen: 

  1. The PARTNER Network State Coordinator will go through the information and agreements that need signing. These include: a. A PARTNER Network consent to participate form b. An agreement for the provision of data via GRHANITE to Patron. c. An agreement with Torch Recruit™
  2. The PARTNER Network State Coordinator will arrange to install two pieces of software on a computer at your practice. (a) Torch Recruit™ The University of Melbourne will use Torch Recruit™ software to identify the number patients eligible for specific clinical trials, by using electronic medical record data. No patient-level data leaves the practice. (b) The data extraction tool, GRHANITE®. This University of Melbourne-developed software de-identifies data from the practice’s electronic medical record before securely depositing it in the University-held Patron primary care data repository. It makes possible data-driven research to increase knowledge and improve healthcare practices and policy. 
  3. You will be invited to your local research network by your State Coordinator. This involves training and guidance in clinical trial participation and linking with other PARTNER Network general practices in your area. 
  4. You may also be contacted by your State Coordinator to participate in research studies. You are under no obligation to participate in these if you do not wish to. 
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