PARTNER Community Advisory Group

The Community Advisory Group (CAG) provides expert advice and recommendations to the PARTNER Network Advisory Committee to support decisions about the inclusion of trials in the Network. It is responsible for providing a consumer and community perspective when reviewing requests for trials to be conducted within the PARTNER Network. The CAG supports other activities through collaboration with our National Office. This might include the development and review of activities that connect PARTNER, its work, and the results of support trials with the community.

What does being a member of the Community Advisory Group involve?

  • Our CAG is a national group of up to 16 community members who represent a diverse range of geographic locations, health conditions and lived experience of the Australian healthcare system.
  • Members join up for 1-year and are able to be reappointed for longer. 
  • The group meets at least 3 times per year via Zoom/videoconference. 
  • Two members of the group lead the meetings as Co-Chairs and represent the CAG on the PARTNER Advisory Committee.
  • Members are also invited to other voluntary events that they may be interested in providing consumer input on such as a workshop to develop a new research idea, join a research project as a Community Investigator, or promote the PARTNER Network at a local community event.
  • All members of the Community Advisory Group will be reimbursed for their time attending meetings, reviewing meeting papers or research proposals and where appropriate any costs related to travel. 

Interested in joining our CAG?

We are currently accepting expressions of interested to join our Community Advisory Group.
We accept expressions of interest from anyone with an interest and experience of living and receiving healthcare in regional, rural or remote areas of Australia who are currently living in regional, rural or remote areas of the Northern Territory, Western Australia or Victoria.
You can review a draft version of our Community Advisory Group terms of reference here.
If you’re interested please complete the application form below.

PARTNER Community Advisory Group Expression of Interest

Expression of Interest application for the PARTNER Network Community Advisory Group

  • Personal details

  • Demographic Information

    We are seeking people from diverse backgrounds and locations across Australia.
  • Please choose which location you spend most of your time
  • Experience

  • Life skills - personal and professional

    People develop many skills from work, social, personal and family experiences. Please think broadly when you answer these questions.
  • Interests aligned with the goals and activities of PARTNER Network

  • Availability to participate

    Please indicate in the table below your likely availability to participate in the key activities of the CAG. We anticipate the maximum attendance commitment to be 3 online meetings per year plus 1-2 research related activities (also likely online).
  • We expect the Community Advisory Group will meet online via Zoom 3 times per year.
  • These opportunities would be allocated on the basis of interest, availability and location and are shared amongst members. These activities may be be meetings or workshops (online or in person) where new ideas for clinical trials or research focused on rural are developed. We anticipate this would be less than 3 events per calendar year.
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